Some Additional Policies and Procedures To Be aware Of

At Find Financial Planners we endeavour to ensure we have a clear line of communication and understanding together with a summary of what Find Financial Planners does and what they we do.

Who is Find Financial Planners

We exist to provide an Exclusive and Premium boutique service providing guaranteed appointments between:

  • Potential clients, and;
  • Financial Planners, or;
  • Dealer groups

This occurs Australia wide. The planners and dealer groups must be approved as a member subscriber or ad- hoc member subscriber of Find Financial Planners.

What Find Financial Planners is not:

  • We are not an advertising agency
  • We are not a referral service
  • We are not a Financial Planning Business. We are not in competition with you
  • We do NOT offer Financial Advice.
  • We do not qualify opportunities.
  • We are not willing to accept just any Financial Planner to introduce to our clients

What We do

  • We provide a recording of all clients we allocate including those that are phone appointments. We can’t guarantee this happens every time as some clients don’t want their call recorded or there could be technical difficulties like a storm or system problem at the time of the recording.
  • We provide you CRM access which confirms the credentials of the client.
  • We book the client directly into your diary.
  • We make the client “jump through the hoops” and don’t just allocate anyone. These are premium allocations
  • We provide two guarantees
    • One: That you will actually see a client face to face or zoom as required by the government/ approved by you
    • Two: That the client is genuinely interested in financial planning.

There are terms and conditions that are applicable and we encourage you to review these as well as our policies and procedures.

What Find Financial Planners Does Not Do

Here are some misunderstandings that we need to clarify so you know exactly what we do. Find Financial Planners does not do the following things:

  • We do not guarantee that a potential client will be a sale and proceed with your advice or that a client will be your client for a determined period of time.
  • We do not guarantee that you will make enough money to cover your basic costs. You will get a range of clients and a range of opportunities. Not making enough from any one opportunity is not a reason to request a refund or your credit back.
  • Qualify clients and make sure that you are going to be able to help a client proceed with advice with you. For example from personal insurances and where pre-existing illness exists.
  • Make sure a client has read or received your FSG.
  • Make sure a client has filled in any checklists you ask us to send to them.
  • Do a fact find for you or start getting the client’s personal information of expenses vs income.

Some Commonly held Misconceptions

We wanted to cover some of the commonly held misconceptions that we get occasionally that need further clarity

Delivery may not mean you have seen the client

An Appointment delivered does not mean you have seen that “Sales Ready Opportunity” yet. The process of delivery is as follows

  • We take your payment(s)
  • We add the “Guaranteed Appointment Credit(s)” from your payment(s) to your account.
  • We allocate all appointments related to the paid credits on your account.
  • We send you (deliver) an appointment through SMS, email and a calendar booking. There will be a recording and CRM access provided.
  • This continues until all paid appointments have been delivered but it may not mean you have seen these people yet.
  • Your account is now zero
  • Another charge is applied to your credit card for “Guaranteed Appointment credits” because your account shows zero.
  • If one of any of the delivered appointments cancels before your team has physically seen them, we delivered all outstanding credits on your account before charging you again.

The Guarantee Does not mean you will have seen each client in the month

It is important to note that due to enquiry fluctuations in both number and quality we cannot guarantee the delivery time.

We do this to endure you only get appointments that have met our verification standards as provided and gives you the best possible chance of converting them to a new client.

We will endeavour however to try and provide you this quality of appointment within 30 days of the end of your billing month.

In the unlikely event you give notice to cancel your service, you may still have to pay for outstanding Guaranteed Appointment Credits

This sometimes relates to the question around delivery. Some planners get confused that if they have not seen their last Guaranteed Appointment yet, this means they don’t have to pay for any more outstanding credits.

If your account is at zero, and you give notice, you are required to pay for any and all outstanding invoices, obligations before notice can be accepted. Even if you have an appointment that was delivered but you have not seen them yet. This also means that

  • If Find Financial Planners has not invoiced or charged you yet, this removes your obligation
  • If your credit card is declined, this does not relieve you of your obligation and outstanding amounts.
  • If you have an outstanding amount and you do not pay this, or it is declined, your Guarantee is voided until payment is received.
  • Even if you want to see how it goes, if you have an outstanding “Guaranteed Appointment” credit, you need to pay any and all outstanding amounts.

Additional Policies and Procedures

Here are some policies that are not well known but important to know:

  • If the potential client we speak to confirmed that all parties will be happy to pay for advice, then this will be considered a valid “guaranteed Appointment”.
  • An Appointment cannot be replaced under any circumstances if you have scored below an 8 on customer service. There are no exceptions.
  • You cannot avoid accepting an appointment because we have promoted a different planner in the recording.
  • If a client is reducing their hours, and this is definitely occurring in the next 3 months we will take the lower amount.
  • If a client only has a defined benefits scheme and this is their only credential, we will allocate this as a phone appointment for free. Otherwise, if they have income, accumulation super, liquid assets, partners credentials- income/ super, etc., and this takes them over their minimum threshold to be allocated, this will be a valid Guaranteed Appointment.
  • If all parties are definitely going to live in another country and this move to the overseas country permanently within 12 months or less, this will be given as a phone appointment, that is for free.
  • If the client has a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). We take the property portion off the balance when we consider the minimum (Annual Income, Super and Liquid Cash) to be allocated.
  • If a client has a really high income (say over $200,000) but no super and no cash, this is still considered a valid Guarantee Appointment.
  • If the client does not understand you, or you have a personality clash, we will not replace these appointments. All clients speak English and we cannot help if you don’t get along with a client.

If you require another copy of the parameters of what we set as an appointment or the verification questions please let us know by calling 1300617433 and we will send you again the information and we supplied before you engaged your subscription.