Absolutely NOT, we want to make sure that you meet our standards and of course that we exceed your expectations.

The agreement operates on a month by month basis and either party can give the other 30 days’ notice to remedy or terminate at any time.

PLEASE NOTE that the 30 days will be taken from the end of your subscription period i.e. regardless of your payment frequency the subscription period is from the first to the last day of the payment month so your 30 days notice will be calculated to begin from the 1st of day of the following calendar month and all subscription payments will be taken until the end of that month

One example is if you give 30 days notice on any day or date during the month of March then your subscription period is March so your notice would be applied to take effect as at the 1st of April and run until the last day of April.

All subscription payments required for the duration of that period are due in full and on time.

If a payment during that period fails then until its bought up to date the account will be placed on hold for delivery purposes and the collection period added to the notice period until the subscribing account is bought back into full payment of all invoices.

A short video explaining this can be found here: