Can I Contact the Client Before the First Meeting?2022-09-09T04:15:07+00:00

Can I contact the client before the first appointment?


You will be duplicating our procedures and processes. There is no reason to contact the client in any way. Here are some examples of why planners have contacted the client. These examples will void your guarantee and are unnecessary:

  • Emailing the FSG (Financial Services Guide). We do that.
  • Vetting or qualifying the client. This is what the recording is for.
  • Calling the client because you are late or the potential client is seeing a different planner and not you.
  • Cancelling the meeting.
  • Explaining your charges, or contradicting our communication.

We have found it is better to let us book and manage the appointment as we are responsible for guaranteeing the appointment. You may of course contact the client at and after the appointment. If they are running late please ring our customer service hotline immediately on 1300617433 (and email us at so that there is a paper trail) and WE will call the client and get back to you as soon as we speak with them so you know what is going on.

If you have voided your guarantee, we will still assist you to book the client in. The potential client then becomes yours and you can market or call them at any time.

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