We Guarantee you will see a potential client face to face.

At Find Financial Planners we endeavour to ensure we have a clear line of communication and understanding together a summary of what is a guaranteed appointment and how we decide whether the enquiries we receive are good enough to be set as an appointment

Often less than a third of all enquiries we get we set as an appointment and that is a standard we are proud of so we endure you only meet with people who have a genuine need for your services.

We guarantee that the appointment you receive is within the financial and age parameters we have provided you.

We also guarantee that if you follow our guidelines and the appointment is a no show and cannot be reappointed we will replace that appointment for you.

It is important to note that due to enquiry fluctuations in both number and quality we cannot guarantee the delivery time.

We do this to ensure you only get appointments that have met our verification standards as provided and gives you the best possible chance of converting them to a new client.

We will endeavour however to try and provide you this quality of appointment within 30 days of the end of your billing month.

Delivery May  Mean You Have Not Seen The Client Yet

As a subscriber, there may be periods where you

  • have paid for appointments,
  • another invoice is due or paid, and;

You haven’t seen these clients. This may occur because clients may book 1-4 weeks after your appointment has been delivered which is the current date.

Deliver of a Guaranteed Appointment is:

  1.  A person who is genuinely interested in what planners offer
  2. Where you have been provided with a recorded call
  3. Where you have CRM details with almost all fields completed.
  4. Where the credit is taken
  5. But this does not mean you will have seen them yet.

Typically if an appointment is more than 2 months out we may not take the credit.

If you require another copy of

  • The parameters of what we set as an appointment, or;
  • The verification questions.

Please let us know by calling 1300617433 and we will send it to you again. This has been supplied to you before you engaged the subscription.