Cancellations/ No Show

  • You, the Financial Planner should call our client care team no less than 5 and no more than 15 minutes after the appointment time so we can determine whether they are simply running late or a different reason exists. You should NOT call the client.
  • If we have determined that they are not turning up, or if 15 minutes has expired from the appointment time, you are well within your rights to move on with your day/ leave their home.
  • If the client turns up and it is more than 15 minutes from their appointment time and they have not notified you they are running late you are well within your rights to turn the client away. Of course, wherever possible, please assist them if you can.
  • You must notify us in writing as soon as you know that a client has not met their obligations for an appointment and not turning up. This should contain
    • The times you called our client services team to find out why they were running late.
    • If the client arrives late but you are still there or you arrive and they request the appointment to be re-appointed, please let us know of the time so we can update your calendar.
    • Please email and c’c your account manager to keep us informed as to your progress or any challenges within 60 minutes of the original appointment time.
  • We will then attempt for 5 working days to re-appoint/ verify the information.
  • If you have followed the correct process and we are able to re-allocate/ re-appoint the opportunity then a credit will be provided in 5 working days’ time.
  • Please write your notes of the cancellation/ replace in the CRM under the “Financial Planner Notes” section.
  • Please review your CRM on an intermittent basis to ensure action is taken in relation to any cancellations.

If you have outstanding invoices due, you will not eligible under any circumstances for a replacement credit.