Financial Planner Profile

Mina Nguyen

Practice Owner | Financial Adviser

Mina’s passion for helping people is what first led her to financial planning in 2014, following several years’ experience in the banking industry.

Understanding the central role finances play in so many aspects of life and the diversity of her clients’ needs, Mina is passionate about providing accessible, straightforward, personalised advice and solutions that correlate with her clients’ core values. She brings a fresh, client-centric approach to financial planning, with a strong focus on cash flow management and lifestyle design. Taking the time to get to know her clients’ unique life stories allows Mina to provide holistic solutions that cover each aspect of her clients’ financial lives.

Mina offers a wealth of experience spanning all facets of the financial planning industry, which a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning complements.

Approachable and down-to-earth, Mina’s honest yet empathetic nature and strong work ethic have helped her cultivate a loyal clientele, many of whom have become friends. On weekends, Mina enjoys spending precious time with her family and friends – which often involves sharing a meal at a local pub, going to the races or watching her children run wild at the park. A gym session is a non-negotiable part of most days.

What to Expect When We First Meet

The 3 major benefits I promise my advice will deliver are:

1. Making my clients financially better off
2. Providing complete peace of mind
3. Delivering life-changing outcomes

What will take place during the appointment?

The appointment will last approximately two hours, and will cover the following:
 An introduction to our service
 A discussion of your lifestyle and financial goals and how we can work together to achieve these goals
 A review of your personal and financial situation
 Agreement as to the next steps to be taken

A fee is based on the level of advice I am providing. I take every client as a unique individual who has different needs to others. The fee is tailored and discussed with the clients before progressing to the ‘personal advice’ stage. The fee is/can be a combination of upfront and ongoing, all of which are disclosed upfront.

What to bring to the meeting:

In preparation for your initial meeting, please bring:

 Your latest tax return
 Bank statements
 Investment statements (including share statements)
 Superannuation statements
 Details of insurance policies
 Details of Wills & Power of Attorneys’
 A Budget (attached below)– This provides insight into your disposable income and is an important part of the Financial Planning Process

What Are My Ethics and Values?

To mentor my staff and assist them with issues and problem solving wherever possible through knowledge and education and using my experience to further their learning. I believe having mutual respect in the workplace is of paramount importance in both client and employee relations.

“Mina’s honest yet empathetic nature and strong work ethic have helped her cultivate a loyal clientele, many of whom have become friends.”

Financial Planning Services:

  • Personal Superannuation advice
  •  Wealth Management & Non-Super Investment advice
  • Personal Protection (Life, Total & Permanent Disablement, Trauma & Income Protection covers)
  • Taking a redundancy
  • Cash Flow Management


  • Debt Management
  • Inheritance
  • Business Insurances (Key Person, Business Expenses, Buy/Sell)
  • Centrelink Benefit Strategies
  • Relationship breakdown