We don’t replace Guaranteed Appointments or opportunities except under exceptional circumstances. Some examples of exceptional circumstances are:

  • Our client cancels the meeting with us.
  • Their needs are outside your qualifications or they are located outside your agreed travelling radius.
  • Our client is a no show at the appointed time and place.

You will void any potential claim for a replacement if:

  • You have contacted the opportunity in any form before the appointment time.
  • The client has chosen not to continue with your service and we have received negative feedback about you from this opportunity (You score 7 or less on the feedback calls).
  • You did not turn up to the appointment, was late or you rescheduled the appointment.
  • You do not notify customer service (admin@findfinancialplanners.com.au) and your client manager in writing of a no show, cancellation or an eligible replacement within 60 minutes of the appointed time.
  • You do not notify customer service (admin@findfinancialplanners.com.au) and your client manager in writing within 1 business day of a potential client that does not need financial planning or is below the minimum standards.
  • You do not have your notes in the CRM up to date. We will check the logs and ensure there no is misinformation and the CRM has been kept up to date.
  • If your subscription account is in arrears replacements can not be provided regardless of the reason.

Before any replacements can be issued, we will investigate all instances including considering any replacement.

There have been infrequent cases where the client provides us with little or incorrect information. It is your responsibility to ascertain the accuracy of the information provided and the extent of the client needs when you meet and we accept no responsibility for their self-disclosed information. Examples of this might be errors or omissions in reporting to us combined household income, the super balance which is not a reason for replacing the appointment.