Financial Planner Profile

Viral Thakkar

Senior Financial Planner-Kubera Wealth

I truly think that a great financial planner will put your interests first and foremost. We don’t recommend advice that is a cookie-cutter strategy. Neither do we give advice that is dependent on the latest fads, which means that you won’t see us recommending something we wouldn’t do ourselves.

As a financial planner, extending the accessibility of quality financial plans to all Australians is something I am very passionate about. I take great satisfaction in assisting our clients to achieve their financial goals whatever they desire. I’d be very proud if I can help you realize yours.

I have had a very humble upbringing and have experienced a household where financial decisions were not always intentional. Decisions were often crafted from the requirement or even according to priority. This is because people delay rather than make their financial future a priority. It is definitely my goal to steer my clients as soon as possible to give a platform for positive financial decisions. Providing solutions to put financial control back in the hands of my clients provides me with a great sense of satisfaction realizing that I am making a notable difference. That is why I made a decision to pursue a profession in Financial Planning

What to Expect When We First Meet

The 3 major benefits I promise my advice will deliver are:

1. Making my clients financially better off
2. Providing complete peace of mind
3. Delivering life-changing outcomes

What will take place during the appointment?

The appointment will last approximately two hours, and will cover the following:
 An introduction to our service
 A discussion of your lifestyle and financial goals and how we can work together to achieve these goals
 A review of your personal and financial situation
 Agreement as to the next steps to be taken

What to bring to the meeting:

In preparation for your Initial meeting, please bring:

 Your latest tax return
 Bank statements
 Investment statements (including share statements)
 Superannuation statements
 Details of insurance policies
 Details of Wills & Power of Attorneys’
 A Budget (attached below)– This provides insight into your disposable income and is an important part of the Financial Planning Process

Describe your role and how you fit into the team

My role is to work closely with current and new clients and assess their future financial and life goals and objectives. This involves an analysis of their current situation including gathering information to assist us to determine the best strategies and road map moving forward. A very important part of my role is to review our clients’ road map on a regular basis to make sure they stay on track taking into consideration their changing needs, circumstances and the economic environment around us.
An important part of the financial planning process when appropriate is to create a safety net for the client in the form of personal insurance to protect their lifestyle, assets and objectives.
As far as where I fit in the team, there is no “I” in the team and acknowledge that I am only one part of a team of people with a broad range of skills and experience. At the end of the day, we all work together to assist our clients professionally and efficiently.

“I take great satisfaction in assisting our clients to achieve their financial goals whatever they desire. I’d be very proud if I can help you realize yours.”

Financial Planning Services:

  • Personal Superannuation advice
  • Self Managed Super Funds
  • Wealth Management & Non-Super Investment advice
  • Personal Protection (Life, Total & Permanent Disablement, Trauma & Income Protection covers)
  • Business Life Insurance (Key Person, Business Expenses, Buy/Sell)
  • Taking a redundancy
  • Inheritance
  • Family matters


  • Gearing advice through Margin Lending strategies
  • Debt Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Pre Retirement and Retirement Planning
  • Centrelink Benefit Strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Relationship breakdown