You’ll get a variety of appointments fitting in the following categories. The percentages are in brackets. You cannot reject an appointment that is in line with what you are authorised and qualified to advise on.

We don’t give you Sales we give you Sales Ready Opportunities. It is up to you to share a compelling reason and value to ensure the client or clients proceed with you.

The typical range of clients
Category Range
Income Up to $50k $50-$100k $100-$200k $200-$500k $500k Plus
14% 39% 37% 10% 2%
Super U pto $50k $50-$100k $100-$200k $200-$500k $400-$1 million $1 million Plus
31% 16% 28% 16% 8% 2%
Age 19-29 30 to 39 40-49 50-55 56-65 65+
16% 23% 22% 12% 5% 22%
Investments Up to $50k $50-$100k $100-$200k $200-$500k $500k Plus
44% 7% 11% 17% 21%
Services Investment and Wealth Creation Consolidate or Grow My Super Personal Risk Protection Insurances Retirement Income Planning Set Up or Grow My SMSF
39% 20% 10% 23% 8%

The minimum situation of each Guaranteed Appointment credit will be $200,000 which includes a combination of super, investments and annual income. You cannot reject a valid appointment as this will void your guarantee and the potential client will become yours.

The clients shown in the matrix that are below $200,000 combined Superannuation, Investments and Annual Income will be given as phone appointments and the Guaranteed Appointment credit is not taken.

These are some of the things that make us the number one guaranteed appointment premium provider:

  • All opportunities are given to just one planner only. We don’t give the same client to multiple planners.
  • Our clients are not incentivised in any way to meet you nor are they part of a competition.
  • Our clients are not telemarketed or “forced” to meet you.
  • Our clients contact us with a genuine need for help qualified local financial planner

The information above is a guide only and some potential clients prefer to deal directly with the financial planners to provide sensitive information. The information is based on what we are provided by the client and we don’t ask for proof. It is self-disclosed information. Typically, the information will include a name email, phone number, date, time and place of the meeting and what our client is interested in.