Once payment is made, cleared and reconciled, Guaranteed Appointments will be provided on average within a 30-day time frame after the subscription month.

This could be sooner or further apart due to supply/ demand.

We only match 23%, and often lower, of all potential opportunities we get. This means that there are times when people are just not right to be matched to you. Remember, some people shouldn’t be matched to a planner because of their low credentials regardless of how keen they are to see a financial planner.

Others mistake their needs (Tax, Mortgage Broking, Debt Recovery) and think they need a financial planner.

We remove this burden and time-wasting situation off you and let you focus on the more important and money-making opportunities.

More information can be found in this short video.

We can’t start giving appointments until, we receive all your documentation like your audits and qualifications.