is a 100% Australian Owned Private Company that specializes exclusively in managing and supplying Guaranteed Appointments to Financial Planners and has been operating since 2014. We were incorporated in 2015.

This business is owned by Find Financial Planners

In summary, Find Financial Planners is a 100% Australian owned company limited that has been operating since 2014 and was incorporated in 2015.

We exist to provide an Exclusive and premium boutique service providing guaranteed appointments between potential clients and Financial Planners and Dealer groups Australia wide we accept as members of our service subscription.

I will explain that in more detail in a  minute but first, let’s cover a few misconceptions and explain what we aren’t first before we go into more detail.

What Financial Planner Leads are not

  • We are not an advertising agency

  • We are not a referral service

  • We are not a Financial Planning Business. We are not in competition with you

  • We do NOT offer Financial Advice

  • We are not willing to accept just any Financial Planner to introduce to our clients

Essentially we are very careful we all do the right things because it’s the right thing to do and very cautious about protecting both our clients and the Financial Planners we approve to join our membership subscription which is important, right?

We only want Financial Planners to members of our subscription service that share the same integrity and values with the high levels of customer service that we do.

A really important thing to highlight again is that we make sure we are not in competition to you, we do not offer advice and work very hard at all times to be completely honest and transparent with you and make sure before we accept a new member we do the same due diligence as a dealer group would do.

Simply put we want to work with Financial Planners that share the same values and integrity we do.

Ok, lets take a look at what actually we do for our members now you have a better understanding of what we don’t do and who we aren’t.

Financial Planner Leads is not a referral service

We wanted to clarify and make it clear that

  • Find Financial Planners
  • Find Financial Advisors
  • Financial Planner Leads
  • is never been, nor will we ever start being a businesses which gives referrals to planners and expects to be paid based on size of referral or if the client goes ahead.

We are a marketing company. As per FASEA (code of Ethics), where a referral is

“ referring a client to a different service provider for a fee; and a conflict in your duty between one client and another client.”




“ …where the if a variable component of your remuneration depends on the amount or volume you recommend of those products, because your interests will or may conflict with your duty to act in the client’s best interests.”


You pay Find Financial Planner regardless of if a sale is made or not. If no sale is made, you are still paying the subscription or marketing costs to FFP of $699.00 plus GST. You pay Find Financial planners the same amount regardless of how big the client is or isn’t! For example. if a client is worth $2000 per annum to you, you pay FFP $699 plus GST . If a client is worth $10,000 per annum to you, you still pay FFP $699 plus GST. If a client is worth nothing to you, you still pay FFP $699 plus GST.


This is not what Find Financial Planners (FFP) is and have never been. We are not a referral company. We are a marketing company.


FASEA states the “financial adviser can refer to the accountant [for example]  provided the referral would be of benefit to the client and it is a referral without making a personal recommendation.”


We vet and verify the client and we vet and verify the planner. We do not personally recommend but make sure the financial planner meets all standards under ASIC/ APRA, Privacy and the code of ethics


Most planners engage the services of use social media or marketing groups.  FFP is no different.  Google  and other companies is considered okay under FASEA.  These arrangements go like this.

  1. You pay someone like Google/ Facebook etc to create some demand; people who may be looking to do financial planning.
    1. These may be correct phone numbers and email address and name or not.
    2. They may interested in financial planning  or not

You pay a cost to deliver a product t. You pay this fee regardless

  1. You or other company call these leads and filter them and remove the rubbish from the good ones. This takes time and money and there is a cost to do this.
  2. You then book them into an appointment and clarify the facts as they stand with the client. It could take multiple calls to make this happen. This takes time and money.
  3. You, your staff or an outsourced company do you administration in relation to these appointments like:
    1. Sending the FSG
    2. Keep the client interested by having someone in your office (or outsource this) confirm the appointments,
    3. Basically make sure they are going to turn up to the appointment.

This takes time and money

FFP do the four above steps and more and charge you a set amount to do these steps. We have a fix price arrangement regardless of how long it takes to do the four steps above.

  • We are the Marketing Broker for Google/ Facebook etc.
  • We are also the Virtual assistant by calling your clients and booking them in.
  • We are appointment setters. We are not referrals getters.
  • FFP charges you for our service of marketing, administration and our tools regardless of

Client size/ value to your practice

If the client proceeds with financial planning or not

How interested the client is or notThe same amount.



FFP does not charge you anything if the client goes ahead with

  • Advice outside financial planning which includes mortgages, legal, accounting and more
  • Refers their friends for financial planning
  • Go ahead with additional advice later on
  • Or when clients that don’t meet our minimum standards.

We are not asking anything of you or for you for these.

I hope this helps. If we are unable to work together, I wish you luck