How far will a client be from my office or home?

We will do our best to book the appointment as close to your office as possible. 

However, we have asked you to choose up to three postcodes that don’t overlap. Each postcode is supposed to be outside the radius of the previously chosen postcode/ radius so they don’t overlap. If these postcodes overlap this will reduce the chance of getting appointments.

Normally we state that if you are in credit for more than one month’s worth of Guaranteed Appointment Credits, we stop your subscription and catch up. However, if your radius is not suitable, this will not stop any automatic debits or subscription payments after one month. In other words, your subscription or payments will continue.  

You should expect most appointments to be at the clients home. 

Unless you have asked for a larger than normal radius exceeding 45 km, the furthest distance you should expect to travel is 45 km to see one client as it relates to Google Maps/ Waze.

If you reject a client because of a valid distance this will void your credit and the client will become yours.